Quick Snippet (MCCCXXXIII Vol. 3) 16 Bars

by Beast 1333



It'll take the cumulative
electro-magnetic power from every person
To match me at Merkaba
spit lava the master rhyme dispersion
Planet all the time it worsens
killing, maiming, raping, stealing
Sinking Feeling
hands up to the ceiling
Healing, Beast Revealing
straight to the point this joint appealing
Flipping the beat so neatly sweetly
it'll take 3 planets full of fighting armies
To Defeat Me
it'll take the plasma combined from giant galactic stars
Condensed into a singularity
weaponized and discharged
To crush my skull
i'm raging like a bull
you're soft as virgin wool
My Power's Full
you'll never guess what type of raps
I'm bout to pull
from out the cap
A Master Form of Rap
uncharted of the map
Advanced like Japs
you're common like two white girls sitting sipping fraps
The Flipping Facts
the facts to flip
We're ripping tracks then bash through brick
surpass you quick
Hook you by the mouth like bass
you're trash so quit
Another Hit
it's time for me to split and stomp and stub your toes
Your music blows
i'm done here i suppose


released January 4, 2016



all rights reserved


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