Supermoon (Lunar Eclipse) ft. Sabotage prod. Don Carlsson

by Beast 1333

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DOWNLOAD EXCLUSIVE: From the forthcoming New album by Beast 1333 "MCCCXXXIII Vol. 3"~Supermoon (Lunar Eclipse) ft. Sabotage prod. Don Carlsson. The Templars of Hip Hop are an independent record label founded by Beast 1333, and are dedicated to preserving the tradition of Real Hip Hop and its elements.


If you really wanna know the way it go
if you wanna know the way that people do
If you really wanna live your life awake and conscious
come and pay attention to my crew
We always coming out with something new
on the Supermoon know you heard of me
And there ain't gonna be another one like this until the year is 2033
Im Beast 13-dirty-33
my boots upon the planets tender surface
Killer like an exorcism, cuz my lyricism
always spit it with a purpose
Eclipsing of the Moon and Planet, Sun
by the Trillaton
Human Skeletons
can you feel it son?
Better get it done
second best to none
Better get your gun and (gun shot)
panic in the killer moving crowd
700 people sacrificed in Hajj in Mecca
to the Demon while they bowed
2,996 in 9-11 flew to Pleiades
a competition 'tween the major superpowers
To feed these cowards to Deities


released September 27, 2015
prod. Don Carlsson ft. Sabotage



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